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17. September 2006 home&family 0

this is a post from ben’s blog (for those of you unfamiliar with the clan, ben is my cousin rachel’s husband). this little episode happened at a recent family gathering; i was “the informant” (i.e. “one of the older cousins”). 😉

kids are so funny . . . reminds me of my days at the daycare (when i wasn’t the one required to take the naps . . .).

* * * * *
Tonight Rachel and I had an incredible teachable moment with Annabelle. It all started with a conversation she was having with the older cousins. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Annabelle in all innocence said, “a French Fry Maker”.

The response was so innocent and surprising that it caught some of the others off guard and they began to laugh. Not in a hurtful way mind you. But Annabelle saw the laughter and her heart sank. The first Rachel heard of this was when Annabelle came up and sat on her lap crying; though she was too embarrassed to say why. It wasn’t until later that Rachel heard the context from one of the older cousins. The sweetness of that moment warmed Rachel’s heart as she told me on the way home.

So it was when I was washing the ice cream churn and crock pot that Annabelle bounced in and asked a quick bedtime related question. I answered and called her back when she started to dart up to bed. She sat on my lap at the kitchen table and I said, “Annabelle, tonight I heard that you had a big girl conversation with the cousins about what you wanted to be when you grew up.”

Her face fell. And she swallowed.

“You know some people laugh at what daddy does for work but that shouldn’t make me sad because I work for Jesus. No matter what we do in life our commitment to Jesus must be first and must guide how we work. So, Annabelle, if you want to serve Jesus as a French Fry Maker I couldn’t be any happier.”

She smiled real big and said, “and I could give them their ice cream at the window”.

It was in that moment that I noticed my heart had melted out of my big toe into a puddle on the kitchen floor and I said, “helping people get food is a very honorable thing to do”.

We exchanged “I love yous”. She skipped up to bed. And I couldn’t help but pray thanks to God for such a wonderful moment with my daughter. What a joy it is to serve the Almighty in the smallest of ways.

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