when morning gilds the skies…

do you know what the word “gild” means?


neither did i.

i’ve been singing a hymn for years with that word in it, but never bothered to look it up.

so, let me share with you my findings.  according to merriam-webster, it means: “to overlay with or as if with a thin covering of gold.”

now, re-think about the opening image of the hymn:

when the morning overlays the skies with gold, my heart awakes and cries, “Praise Jesus Christ!”

it really is quite beautiful, isn’t it?  (although, to be honest, i wish it were more true of me.  there have only been a couple of times that i can remember when i woke up to see the beauty of the morning and thought thanks to God… and those few times were probably on saturdays after sleeping in, so i’m not sure that really counts.)

i’ve talked about my husband lots of times on this blog, but never really about what he does.

my husband composes/arranges/orchestrates/lives/breathes/eats music. :)  he’s one of those people that can just sit down at a piano and play whatever music he hears in his mind.  he plays offertory for our church a couple of times a month and most of the time, he plays an arrangement of a song that he hears in his head and then writes down the arrangement after-the-fact.

he’s my music man. :)

he recently played “when morning gilds the skies” for an offertory, and has not only taken the time to write it down… but also give it away.

if you go to his blog, you will find free downloads of the sheet music arrangement, as well as a mp3 of him playing it.  feel free to use it for your own listening or print it out to use if you happen to be in the need of an offertory of your own.

(personally, i love the way the piece builds… it reminds me a lot of morning itself.  dawn is slow at first but then builds to the climax of sunrise.)

he doesn’t know i’m writing all this (he doesn’t read or know about most of my posts until after they are published), so he’s not aware of this “plug” i’m putting in for him.

i’m not doing it because i feel that i have to, or because he’s asking me to.

i’m doing it because i’m just so stinkin’ proud of him sometimes, i have to tell someone. :)


(if you like what you read/play/hear, go ahead and check out his blog and/or more of his music.  he writes choral, piano, and other instrumental pieces at lorenz, majesty music, and hinshaw music, inc.)

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