trying something new: twogrand!

for those of you who have been keeping up with my fitness journey, you know a couple of things:

  • i’m hitting 70lbs gone! (that stubborn last pound on the edge of a “decade” gets me every time!)
  • i’m a THMer. :)
  • i love rebounding & sworkit.
  • my hubs got me an awesome fitbit!
  • i use myfitnesspal for support.

well, i’ve decided to mix it up a little. :)

i’m still a THMer and i’m definitely keeping my rebounder!

but i’m taking a break from the dearly useful myfitnesspal.


it’s a great app… but the problem is, i don’t calorie count.  actually, that’s NOT a problem.  i HATE calorie counting.  i get too fixated on numbers and failures, and much rather have the ability to eat a meal with the confidence that i’m making good decisions instead of estimating “is that 1/2 a cup of green beans? or 3/4ths?” and then scrambling to look up calorie count.


not for me.

so we can see where myfitnesspal, though wonderful, isn’t super helpful besides the support it brings from other who are losing weight.

enter my new program experiment: twogrand.

you can click on the link and read all about it, so i’m not going to type out all the how-to here.  but the main idea is… it’s an instagram for healthy-minded foodies.

how awesome is that!

so, i’m giving twogrand a whirl!  find me there!  i’m seeminglyslcb!

see you there!

if you are interested in checking out the items mentioned in this post, i’ve included an amazon link.  a couple of things to know: yes, if you buy from this link, i do get a *teeny* bit of moneys. but also know, i only link to things that i really like.  thanks!

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