the days of our lives

no, this post is *not* about soap operas.

i hate those.

bad, bad acting with bad, bad plot lines that go on far, far too long.

in all honesty, i can’t think of another way that would be more of a waste my time or my brain cells.

this post, however, is a seeminglyrandom smattering of things that are going on in our little family and/or things that i’m thankful for.  these aren’t major pieces of information– but they are small things that have recently shaped our days here. :)

1. our den area is (FINALLY) taking shape!

oh, our den… or what b & i lovingly refer to as “the secret lab.”  (to be honest, i’m not sure how we got started calling it that, but whatever.)  it’s been the traditional “catch-all” room.  you all know what i’m talking about… you move into a house and don’t know what to do with a certain box or find yourself with something you don’t really need… and you just look at your spouse, throw the item into the declared random space until you have time to deal with it, and shut the door.

you know, it’s like a junk drawer, but it’s a whole room.

(okay, maybe it’s not *quite* that bad… maybe.)

whereas the room is definitely not perfect, it is at a place where it is bringing me peace instead of stress, and instead of looking at it as a mile-long to-do list, it is now something for me to creatively brainstorm for– and in.


2. we are being gifted a deep freezer!

b & i have been wanting a deep freezer in our garage for a long time now… mainly because we want to be able to become more frugal.  i will be starting to make and freeze homemade baby food soon, and we like to buy bulk when possible in order to save money.  i’ve recently seen meat on sale for a fabulous price, but it comes in large packages so i haven’t been able to purchase it, due to lack of space.  no longer!  also, last year, b & i lost a lot of produce from our garden because it all seemed to come in at once and we simply couldn’t eat it in the amount and time it made its appearance.  this way, i can chop up what we can’t eat and store it for when we can.  we are so excited to be able to do that for this season coming up, and are so very thankful for the generosity of b’s parents who are giving us this great gift!

3.  garden time is here again…

it’s hard to believe that garden time is fast approaching.  i know it’s coming, not because of the weather, but because of my husband’s excitement.  he loves getting his hand in the dirt and growing stuff from the ground.  he can, and will, grow anything green.

which is great…

because i can, and will, kill anything green.  my propensity to kill plants challenges his ability to revive them.  opposites attract, i tell ya.  (actually, it’s probably a good thing we both aren’t plant-keeper extraordinaires.  our house would be rainforest of rooted vegetation, if that was the case.)

he was out in the dirt (read: red clay) today, turning over the soil for what will be a new addition to our garden this season: asparagus.  from what he tells me, we won’t really get a crop of it this year, but should be able to start harvesting next summer.  so there you go.

4.  e girl had her first major day outdoors… in charleston!

b’s parents have been down for the past week, and we decided to make a day of it a few hours south in charleston.  it was a gorgeous day– seriously, we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.  we thought we were going to beat all the major summer activities in the city by going in early april… o. how. wrong. we. were.  apparently, we probably picked the worst week to come, with all the random convergence of marathon runs, and cruise ship sailings, and spring break happenings.  <<sigh>> but despite the crowds, we still really enjoyed ourselves.

leesie girl spent most of the day in her stroller– upright!  she seemed to really love looking out at everything, and handled the cobblestone streets like a pro.  (note to self: i’m SUPER glad we have a more-than-decent stroller!  i think anything cheaper would have fallen apart going over those roads!)

see?  doesn’t she look thrilled?



here’s a family shot of us at the angel oak tree…


5. school is *almost* over.

and i just have to say, for the first time, i’m really looking forward to the break.  i love teaching, and up until this point in my life, i looked at summer with a little bit of apprehension.  it seems like the first couple of weeks of break are really nice, but after that, i would get bored with myself and lack of schedule.

this summer, i’m looking forward to spending my days with my girlie girl and really digging into this whole “stay-at-home” mom thing.  it’s funny because i’ve decided to work in the homeschool arena so i would be able to have a more flexible schedule and not have to put ellise in daycare… but at the same time, i still teach or tutor 4 out of the 5 days of the week.  i either take her with me and try and teach/watch her at the same time, or, on the longer days, i drop her off at my mom’s.  although it is a much better situation that having to put her in a daycare 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week, i’m very much looking forward to having her and my days all to myself for a little while.

(no offense, any students who are reading this… i like ya a whole bunch! :) )

6. it’s getting close to haircut time.

this might not seem like a big deal, but since i haven’t had my hair cut since january of 2011, i’m very much looking forward to it.  i’ve grown my hair out for charity several times, and i’m getting close to the required 8 inch mark they need for a donation.  (i actually have much more than 8 inches, but i don’t like to go too short with my face shape.)  there are several charities out there, but the one i’m donating to this time is called beautiful lengths.  it takes donated hair and creates wigs for cancer patients, specifically women who have lost their hair due to treatments for female forms of the disease.  since it takes so much time and hair to donate, when i go in for a haircut, it’s a pretty drastic change.

to be honest, i’m more nervous about the change of look than i normally am, since i’ve been experiencing my own hair loss in this postpartum phase.  there have been times i’ve thought about cutting my hair and keeping it, in case i need it for my own wig… :/

the hairloss does seem to be slowing a little, which is good.  i’d hate to spend months growing my hair out just to lose it all before being able to donate it.

and last, but not least,

7. i love being married.

for lots of reasons… but the main one i’m thankful for today is the blessing of snuggling in one of my husband’s soft sweat shirts that has his “smell.”  you know, the blend of his cologne, shampoo, and man.

it’s nice.

really nice.



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