sweet mother’s day present = aromatherapy pendant experiments

my hubs– who knows my love for all things words and communication– got me a so-thoughtful gift this past mother’s day:

antique bookplates (and bookends).

what made this gift even more thoughtful is that the bookplates were used for a book about birds.  so, some plates actually have the imprint of the birds on them, while others have the backward text of the book itself.

for those of you who don’t know why this is an even sweeter gesture, let me explain.  december of 2011, my husband and i lost our first baby. (you can read about our loss here.)  the Lord really really used the image of a sparrow to encourage me during that time– how they are such small, almost unnoticed little birds, but that He cares about them, provides for them, and sees them fall.  since then, we call our lost baby our little sparrow.

so this sweet mother’s day gift not only acknowledges my love for antique bookish things, but also acknowledges the presence our lost sparrow still has in our family.

needless to say, i love the present. :)

i’ve recently taken to creating aromatherapy necklaces and decided to use these thoughtful gifts in some new designs.  (you can read more about the jewelry here.)

here are some that i thought turned out particularly well.

i love how they become a unique piece– and now, a piece that speaks to me a bit more personally.

isn’t that what creativity is really all about? :)


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