stuck in a snowpacolypse, part 1

In case you don’t live in the 20something states are that being affected by snowstorm ion, let me just assure you…

It is as big of a deal as they say it is.

And this is coming from a southern girl that stopped believing in meteorologists in 2nd grade after the 12th prediction of snow fell through and she found herself trekking to school… Again.

As we were coming down from my in-laws to return, Ion struck. And we got stuck.

Okay, not like stranded-in-a-snow bank stuck… But a “we don’t want to get stranded, we should find a hotel, and what do you mean they now closed the highways?!” stuck.

Safe in a hotel is definitely the preferred stuck… But making a 14 hr road trip into a two night stay in a random spot in Indiana was not a vacation extension that we were wanting (not including the extra expense…:/).

But… We. Are. Safe. And that is the most important thing.

So, in this first installment of the adventures of the snowpacolypse, I will be sharing a few ways that we have entertained Ellise, including…

the bathtub playpen


which then converted into a bathtub crib


She especially loved the luggage cart trolley


And the wind machine (air conditioner) and swimming pool (not pictured).

With amenities like wifi and a hotel gym, one would think that being stranded doesn’t sound like such a big deal… Until you consider the fact that the hotel only offers free breakfast and that all the restaurants are closed and the roads aren’t open to the grocery stores (assuming they are even open,too). When Brian and I went to lunch mid-afternoon yesterday to the closest restaurant two buildings down, we almost got stuck. That experience, and the fact that you can get ticketed for driving unless you are emergency personnel, and the fact that I have no desire ever in my life to be stranded on the road with a 13 month old in negative anything temps is enough to keep us bunkered, even for meal times.

So… Wait for installment two as I come up with figure out how we are going to entertain and feed ourselves through this impromptu stay…

Who knows? The info just might come in handy if you have to experience the same amount of winter weather as Disney’s frozen.

1 thought on “stuck in a snowpacolypse, part 1”

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    Jane on January 7, 2014

    So sorry, I didn’t know you got stuck. So glad to know you are alive . Nathan was in PA when the snow hit them 9 inches overnight. They helped dig out neighbors and then drove back on Saturday…getting home at about 10 p.m. after leaving at 5 a.m. a couple of stops and visits at school. but home, safe and sound :)

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