Starting something simple

25. September 2016 photos, simplicity 0

We  allow junk, don’t we?

Mail we don’t want creates piles on our counters. Miscellaneous paper debris comprised of old receipts, business cards, and gum wrappers find themselves stuffed in our wallet or the bottom of our bags.

I might even find a baby sock randomly wedged there as well.

Stuff we don’t need… stuff we don’t want… somehow manages to clutter up our spaces.

I’ve been there.

Okay, fine. 

I *am* there.

After reading a statstic that reports that Americans spend at least 30 collective minutes of their day looking for stuff–and realizing I fit that statistic– I have decided…

Enough is stinking enough.

Insert a few collective hours of reading up on minimalism, perusing blogs, and tackling some drawers… and I’m feeling empowered.

There is still a lot I’m learning about what minimalism really is, how to achieve it, and then (more importantly) maintain it, but the idea of a more simple life with less stuff and more time doing and being with who I love makes me feel that the amount of energy outputted at the front end will definitely be worth it.

I long for simplicity, and I’m taking the steps to live in it.

So tell me, have any of you embarked on your own journey of less > than more? What was the hardest thing about it? What has been its greatest reward?

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