some ramblings.

1) i can’t wait for thanksgiving.  not because i want to eat a bunch of turkey… but simply because i need a break in my schedule.  also, i can begin listening to Christmas music.
(yes, i’m a post-Thanksgiving Christmas celebrator, although i’m not a nazi about it. actually, i am a nazi about it when they put up Christmas stuff with halloween things.  that’s just premature and annoying.)

2) i’m about to make a THM italian cream cake.  i’m not sure why i’m telling you that, but i will say that if the hubs loves it, i’ll post the recipe and any tweaks. :)

3) i think i mentioned this before, but i created a SeeminglyRandom facebook page.  not because i’m super popular and think i should bless the word with yet another way to connect via social network… but because there are a lot of little things and quotations and links that i would like to share, but don’t feel like writing a blog post for.  if you want to see some seeminglyrandom scatterings on facebook, feel free to follow me here. :)

4) i’m doing some planning for a DIY Christmas gifts with essential oils class at my house and am super excited about it!  of course, i’m having to pre-make the gifts so i can be knowledgable and all of that.  i guess i’m going to have to suffer by soaking in a warm bath with my ultra-restful lavender and cedarwood bath salts.

pity me.

(not really.)

5) my husband is making my daughter laugh her head off in her room.  i have no idea what’s so funny, but i feel i should go investigate.

let me leave you with a thought i found on the interwebs the other day.  it has nothing to do with anything i’ve said, but that’s okay. :)


1 thought on “some ramblings.”

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    Jessica C. on November 17, 2014

    That dessert sounds lovely. I made my very first on plan skinny chocolate today. I had read so many mixed reviews that I was nervous. My THM stevia arrived today and 30 minutes later the skinny chocolate was in the freezer. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!

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