powerI like the opening lines of Williamson’s poem… but before I just into the why, let me say this.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t question my inadequacy. And I don’t need anyone to tell me that I am.

I feel and fear it pretty fully.

All Humanity is inadequate.  We are all Lacking. Fallen.  Considering everything that’s been in the news and the aftermath of it all, I’m pretty sure we all feel and fear it pretty fully, too.

It’s pretty darn obvious that we need Jesus.

I need Jesus.


I do think I’m afraid of what would happen if I forgot all that insecurity and fear… and just for one moment stopped to believe and embrace the actual (dareisayit?) power that I have.  I don’t mean this in an egotistical, narcissistic way.  Or in a diluted, self-help, Oprah-kinda way, either.

I’m talking about the power that I was created with.  We were created with.  The awesomeness that filled our dust-beings when God breathed in us.

That’s part of what made the fall so very, very tragic.  Our fall was indeed a tragedy, and not just that we became severed from the presence of God.  Not just because it required His crucifixion to fix it.  Just one of those two things are horrible, can’t-even-comprehend, bad-enough-by-themselves consequences of our sin.  But yet another terrible outcome was the loss of the glory of God in ourselves.  We were perfect.  We knew who we were.  We walked in our true potential and confidence that we were exactly how our Creator wanted us. We basked so much in God’s goodness and love and in who we were in Him and were so busy doing what He wanted us to do… that we didn’t even know we were naked.

I’d say that’s pretty confident.

And then, the Great Tragedy. We fell.  And when we fell from His glory… we fell from our own.

Somehow, daily, we think we are still there.  We think that nothing has happened since that moment, and that we all still need to cower around and crawl to find leaves big enough to stitch together to cover ourselves.

We have forgotten the HOWEVER.

We have forgotten God.

His character.

His sacrifice.

His dramatic, drastic Restoration of us to Himself… and to the selves He created us to be.

We forget we have a new identity and so, we never grow in the confidence and power we are meant to have as an Image Bearer.

Well, maybe you don’t forget.  But I do.

The sad thing is, when I remember, it intimidates me.  I don’t know what it means.  I’ve lived so long like a shamed dog with my tail between my legs that I don’t know how to untuck it.  To not hold back.  To lift my head.

And it kinda scares me to think of what will happen when I do.  What will happen to my life when I decide to throw myself in, 100%, as an actor in it, and not settle for just being the audience.

If, instead of distraction and spreading myself too thin and looking for cover and hiding in shame and basking in my failure and guilt… I COULD actually FOCUS on the IMPORTANT, not just the urgent…

What would actually happen?

I think this confidence in being a truly new creature would change some things.  I think the finding and being and basking in freedom of who God created me to be would rock my world.   I think this confidence would change my thoughts, my actions, and my circumstances just as much–if not more than–my insecurity.

Change has always scared me.

I’m tired of being scared, though.

Aren’t you?

So, let’s lift our heads, friends.  Let’s claim the truth of our identity.

Let’s see the power that comes when we decide to live in Redemption instead of depravity.

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