poverty over

a mind of poverty — a lack.

is there a way to turn the clock back

and undo the “setting in?”

the “setting in” of competition

the “setting in” of the suspicion

that it’s all dog-eat-dog

so don’t dare risk at all…

because then, you’ll lose everything.


(“everything” ain’t much.)


a mind of poverty — shaped young

by all the worry living among

the grown ups’ crinkled brows

and whispered wonderings of how

the stream of bills will get paid.

i quickly learned to be afraid

and hold my breath, scared of good.


(only the bad lasts.)


a mind of poverty — quiet lies

evolving into loud, obnoxious cries

that yell, “you’re never enough!”

that yell, “life’s nothing but rough!”

that days exist just to get through

and that hope is always untrue.

work harder.  wish less. maybe i’ll last.


(life isn’t fair.)


a mind of poverty — no more!

the lies and the libel? i declare war.

I have all I need. i have plenty to give

to others. to the world. i can even forgive

myself for believing the harsh lie about me

that i was worth nothing– a nobody.

my poverty is over because I hear and see the truth.


(Life is abundant. My value is, too.)


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