new venue!

24. July 2014 randomness, updates 0

hello friends!

just wanted to give an update about something new going on with seeminglyrandom!  i’ve created a page on facebook that connects here to the blog.  the advantage of finding seeminglyrandom and perhaps giving a like (and maybe even telling friends) is the fact that facebook will let you know when there is new content over here as well as share links to a lot of other content that i’m finding pretty awesome and/or interesting.

i mean, i can’t write a blog post just to share a link!

(well, i guess i could, but that’d be kinda tedious…)

also, i understand that people sometimes hesitate leaving comments on blogs because you have to fill in form, basically.  with fb, you are already there, and comments on links, posts, etc. will be super easy.

so come on over to fb, and visit seeminglyrandom over there.  give a like and feel free to leave a note! :)

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