my word for LIFE this year

wow, this blog has been neglected for a while.

i would apologize, but i’m learning not to say i’m sorry for, you know, LIFE.  :)

the last quarter of the year was a whirlwind of consolidated teaching, having a baby, hosting out-of-town family over thanksgiving, taking care of a baby, visiting and helping my mother after her surgery, taking care of a baby, potty-training a toddler, going to Wisconsin to visit family for Christmas…

did i mention i have a new baby? 😉


he is our baby j, and is like his dad.  likes to eat, likes to sleep, has a smile that lights a room, and is all around a chill dude.  in fact, his dad got him that onesie… which he has already outgrown.  <<sigh>>


his sister, e, LOVES him to death.  seriously.  we have to keep a close eye, lest her hugs get a little too long.

she’s learning good lessons about leaving airways clear while covering siblings with blankets and how to balance affection with person space.  it’s all about important life skills over here, people. 😉

anyway, instead of doing 57 retroactive blog posts, i’m going to use the excuse of it being a new year to give myself (another) fresh start in the blogging department. (except i do have some thoughts about my birth story that i want to get down…)

so let’s get started with the new… beginning with my new word for the year.

i know some people think it’s dumb, finding a word and trying to use it to shape the next 365 days of their lives.  however, i think it is motivational.  sometimes, it is super helpful to consolidate and find an “umbrella” term for the goals you have.  it somehow brings focus, especially when you are spending time and effort in several areas.

my word for this year, in an attempt to live LIFE instead of be run over by it, is intentional.  (to continue) to be intentional with what i put in my mouth and do with my body.  to be intentional with how i spend my time with my God, my family, and my work.  to be intentional with what stuff i keep in my house and where my money goes.

so, here’s hoping i can be intentional with LIFE… and with my words in this teeny writing space this year. :)



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