mother’s law

05. February 2016 funny, home&family, mommyhood 0

you know murphy’s law?

that anything that can happen, will?

well, there is another law out there, my friends.

mother’s law.

there are many tenants, or sub-laws, if you will.

but here’s one that i learned, since my daughter received a frozen umbrella for her birthday.

the rate of a child in the rain is directly and proportionately OPPOSITE to the rate of the rain that is falling.

meanwhile, i’m the one with a full diaper bag and a 20 pound baby in an infant carrier getting completely soaked as i’m trying to move around my 3 year old as she twirls her umbrella.

“we need to hurry,” i sing-song, opening the van door and rushing to plop the baby in.

“i can’t momma,” she says.

“why not.”

“i need my umbrella to have as much rain as possible.”

of course.

of course you do…


what laws has motherhood taught you?

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