introducing a new “sape”…

so, my girlie has one of those tupperware shape ball toy things. (those of you who had/has one knows exactly what I’m talking about.) i’ve started saying the name of the “sapes” as we put them in, and she’s picked up on the pretty basic ones: “curckle, skare, and obul,” etc. the pentagon and hexagon confuse her, but hey, let’s be honest… they confused me too, until geometry.

well, today she picked up the triangle and was looking for the hole to put it in.

“what shape is that?” I asked.


sounds like something off of jurassic park to me.

we’ll keep working on it… 😉

if you are interested in checking out the items mentioned in this post, i’ve included an amazon link. a couple of things to know: yes, if you buy from this link, i do get a *teeny* bit of moneys. but also know, i only link to things that i really like. thanks!

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