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08. July 2014 traveling 0

so, with two travelings back-to-back, it’s been kinda crazy over here…

now it is time to get the house back in order and resume regular life. :)

we spent some really nice time in charleston… and then in pigeon forge.  there are some miscellaneous thoughts that i acquired from each of those excursions, but those are for other longer, perhaps more thought-provoking, posts. :)

some random small thoughts that i have collected over the past few days since returning…

  1. i still hate laundry.
  2. my husband is awesome for doing laundry.
  3. although fancy beds are great, there is no bed like *your* bed.
  4. babies sleep much better at home.
  5. new kitchen tools are nice… but dangerous.
  6. vacation weight is nothing to sneeze at…
  7. but most of it is water weight at the end of the day.

some extra details on #5:

10352335_10154330648010290_6884584139393560801_nso aldi had a mandolin for sale this week.  awesome, since i chop up random veggies at random times to not justify dirtying the cuisineeart. so I was a stupid and cut my finger after i impromptuly decided i wanted some zucchini for lunch. I would have gotten a picture of right after it happened except I was bleeding everywhere. 😉 after applying deep relief roll-on and lavender, this is the result. five minutes and the bleeding was completely stopped and the skin was fusing back together. (i was amazed because when i first looked at the cut, i thought i might need stitches.)  this might sound weird, but i’m looking forward to seeing how fast this heals!

my thoughts on 6 & 7:

okay, so i’ll be honest.  i definitely could have been “better” over vacation.  there’s just something about freshly baked cookies sitting on the counter that justifies unplanned snagging (and recreating the sweet tooth).  seriously, i don’t have that problem at home… mainly because both my husband and i know that if it is in the house, with no purpose, we will probably eat it.

such was the case with the counter cookies… :/

anyway, when i first stepped on the scale sunday morning, my eyes about bulged out of my head.  i gained NINE pounds.  NINE?  POUNDS?!!?!

now, i ate some cookies… but not no nine pounds of cookies!  besides, some of them were oatmeal raisin!!! that makes them healthy, RIGHT?!  (insert sarcasm here.)

i put my eyeballs back because logic kicked in.

so starting sunday, b & i got back on the THM train.  (in fact, we are doing a 2 week fuel cycle again…) as of this morning (tuesday), i’ve lost 6.4 of those vacation pounds.

see?  water weight, people…

so why do i say this?

i know some of you have been following my weightloss journey.  i have actually received PMs and emails, etc., talking about success and not success stories, etc.  i mention and record my ups and downs here because ups and downs are important.

there is no bigger “down” than completely quitting.

so, if you blew it over the 4th… or memorial day… or easter… or Christmas…

now’s as good a time as any to get back.  sure, it might not all be water weight; but honestly, who cares? a step in the right direction is a step.

speaking of steps, you walk a lot at amusement parks.  i logged in almost 20,000 steps that day.  crazy!

just as a reminder, i only use Young Living Essential Oils for my family and my classes, because i personally believe them to be the strongest (and safest!) oils on the market.  also, just because i love them, and use them a lot, doesn’t magically make me able to diagnose toe fungus, prescribe peppermint to anyone, or grant me a phd/md in essential oils themselves. 😉

also, if you’d like to learn more about YLEOs, why i got started, and how you can, too… visit my essential living page! :)

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