great read: “when you think your love story is boring”

i read an article this morning entitled, “when you think your love story is boring” by lisa-jo baker.  go.  read it.  it’s worth the 5 minutes, trust me.

as i read the article, it made me think of what a wonder man i am married to… and how he shows his love to my daughter and me in the “everyday’s most quiet need,” to borrow from a famous love sonnet.

it specifically made me think of the moment where my husband loved me in a very tangible way, in a very unromantic moment.

when i was pregnant with ellise, i was so, so sick… the first two trimesters, i was getting sick 2 – 3 times a day. by the 3rd trimester, it dwindled down to 3-5 times a week.

one morning, i was about to teach, and all of a sudden, the nausea struck. if the couch hadn’t been in the way, i would have made it… but alas, i was too late. down the hall, up the walls, all on me. and i HAD to within a minute or i’d be late.

without blinking an eye, my husband told me to go change, and not to worry… he’d take care of it all. when i left 5 minutes later in a new outfit, he was on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor.

i told my college students that day that true love isn’t a dozen roses, a romantic dinner, or a hand-written poem placed on your pillow.

true love is when you make a mess of your life, and your spouse looks at you, the mess you are, the mess you made… and says,

“don’t worry, i’ll clean it up.”

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