“gourmet” iced trimaccinos (S or FP)

good morning!

i just got finished drinking a LOVELY little drink with my breakfast that i’d thought i’d share with you. :)

if you are familiar with THM (Trim Healthy Mama), you are also probably well acquainted with their trimaccino drink.

this is my own little spin on their simple, tasty original recipe.  what’s great about the drink in general is that it is highly flexible to taste preferences, and even temperature preferences.  you obviously don’t have to “ice” this if you don’t want, but with it being so warm outside, i LOVE the beverage cold! :)



  • vanilla protein powder
  • coffee (room-temp or cooler for iced)
  • MCT oil (get all the benefits of coconut oil without the coconut taste AND without it clumping in your cold drink! GREAT fat burner!!!)
  • stevia (or sweetener of your choice)
  • extracts!!! i have used both almond and hazelnut with CRAZY success!  seriously… better than starbucks, here people!


  • pour 12 ounces of coffee into a blender (i use a magic bullet)
  • put 1-2 TBS of MCT oil (note: ease into MCT if you have never used it before.  can get things “moving” if you know what i’m talking about…)
  • add 1/2 to 1 scoop of protein powder (this depends on how “white” you want your cover and/or how much protein you want)
  • add stevia to taste
  • pour in the extract!  (again, this is a too-taste thing.  i just add a splash, myself.)
  • mix until the powder is completely dissolved into the coffee.  in the bullet, this doesn’t take long at all.
  • pour your coffee over ice!
  • done!

what’s great about this is that it actually gets the “froth” that you get with a normal cappuccino!  no denying of the experience here!

obviously if you are wanting the recipe lower in fat into FP/low-fat zone, adjust the MCT oil accordingly. :)

that’s it! a super simple way to get a coffee treat in that is soft of your wallet and GREAT for your health! :)


if you are interested in checking out the items mentioned in this post, i’ve included an amazon link. a couple of things to know: yes, if you buy from this link, i do get a *teeny* bit of moneys. but also know, i only link to things that i really like. thanks!


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