essential living saturday: carrot seed oil!

okay people, this is going to be a quick post…

1) because it is my anniversary weekend and i’m in south carolina’s “holy city” with the hubs… all toddler free.

2) because i didn’t plan ahead and write this post before i left, which means i’m actually writing it in my b&b room before my hubs and i go to dinner. YUM!

so, why am i even bothering?  because of THIS:

this is the oil i have chosen for this saturday because I HEART IT.

for those of you who don’t know me in “real life,” i’m a super-fair, reddish-brown haired, irish-heritage kinda girl.  freckly and all that.

which means that as soon as the sun rises over the east and comes into direct contact with my skin for more than 5 minutes, i begin screaming “i’m burning, i’m burning” like the wicked witch of the west with water.

so, it was with fear and trembling that i conducted a bit of an experiment this weekend… which happened to be one of tons of outdoor exposure, complete with taking walking tours of downtown charleston, weaving through booths at a farmer’s markets, and spending time on the beaches on sullivan’s island.

so much concentrated sun exposure for fair people is like asking for 3rd degree burns.

what was my experiment?

i have heard about mixing young living carrot seed oil with coconut oil and making a natural sunscreen and i actually tried it once before one afternoon while i was running errands outdoors.  i got no sunburn then, but i wasn’t sure if that was because the sunscreen worked, or because i just wasn’t in the sun long enough to burn.

welp, this time, i KNOW i was in the sun long enough to burn– a total of 5-6 hours with direct to almost-direct sun.  (don’t worry, i drank a lot of water. :) )

the results? more freckles (that always happens in the summer), but NO BURN.

seriously people.


my husband, who is becoming more and more of a believer in YLEOs (young living essential oils) and who also knows i am a BAD sunburner noticed the obvious lack of burn and then followed his observation with, “you know what? i’m not really surprised it works.  they all do.”

just a couple of notes for people who are wanting to try this natural form of sunscreen:

  1. for “normal people” sunscreen, most would do 20 drops of carrot seed YLEO with 1/4 cup of coconut oil or so.  i definitely didn’t use 1/4 of a cup on me throughout the day, even though i re-applied 2 times.  my ratio was probably a little more concentrated than that, even though i used a much smaller amount of sunscreen overall.  (in other words, “sun-sensitive people” might need a higher carrot seed oil to coconut oil ratio.)
  2. carrot seed essential oil doesn’t exactly smell like carrots, but it does have a sweet “earthy” smell.  the smell doesn’t bother me at all, but if you wanted, you could add lavender to the sunscreen as well… which should actually help the carrot seed oil from preventing sunburn. :)  if you forego the lavender though, it’s not too bad.  my husband says he prefers the carrot/coconut smell over the sunscreen smell any day.
  3. last but not least, rub the sunscreen in BEFORE being hit with direct sun– at least enough time for the coconut oil to absorb INTO the skin, and not sit on top of it.  if the oil is “glisteny” on your skin, it could actually aid the sun in burning it.  (think baking/frying in oil.)  we obviously don’t want that, so just put it on a few minutes before, and you should be fine.

okay guys, that’s it for today!  sorry for the fast post and non-fancy graphic and such… but i’m sure you understand! :)  off to dinner!

btw, if anyone is wanting more information on how you can get young living oils for yourself, just read my essential living page here.  OH! and there’s a bunch of freebies in store for you if you sign on with a premium kit in june with me!  read about that awesomeness here! :)

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