endless grace

it’s been a couple of months ago now when a dear, dear man to me went home to be with his Jesus.

i used to try and be brave at funerals, but i didn’t even bother at his.  i let my grief fall freely down my face, as my heart ached at my loss– at all of our loss.

(our loss is most definitely his gain.)

i have started writing down some thoughts from that day, and it sits, “saved as draft.”  my words don’t fit my feelings yet, but one day, i’ll find my words and hit publish.

even though my personal blog posts sits saved, since tom craig’s passing, my husband and i have had a chance to put some words and notes on paper.  the result is a song that we’ve entitled “endless grace.”

we happened to finish it near the time that i was scheduled to do special music at my church… so a few sundays ago, i sang this song in his memory and in honor of kim, his wife, who stays here, finding God in grief.

here are the words.


Endless Grace

I hear from heav’n your soul’s long sigh–
Your broken heart, your lonely cry.
And though I may not answer why
My grace, My love, is My reply.

Have you not known? Have you not heard?
Give Me your pains and dreams deferred…
I beauty make from ashes still.
My plans weave both from good and ill.

Your sighs and sorrows, child, are lent
For you to spend and to be spent–
Your life to mirror My descent
And teach the world what My cross meant.

Have you not known? Have you not heard?
I know your pains and dreams deferred.
I, too, this suff’ring path have trod.
Find Comfort here, in Me, Your God.

My child, why is your soul downcast?
Endure this night; for breaking fast,
The morning’s dawn, with glory vast,
Will dry your tears with joy at last.

Have you not known? Have you not heard?
Your unfilled dreams and pains incurred,
Like shadows past, will have no place
In Lands of light and Endless Grace.

Your shadows past, they’ll have no place
In Lands of light and Endless Grace.


a day later, my husband sent me a sound file.  apparently, our church records the special music, and not just the preaching. i’ve decided to include it here with the words as well, not because i’m especially fond of my singing (i’m not), but because my husband did such a beautiful job writing the music to fit the lyrics.  if you listen, you’ll have to pardon my voice somewhat throughout and especially at the end– like i mentioned, i dedicated the song to tom & kim and my thoughts were of them while i was singing, so i got a bit teary in moments and my voice is quick to betray me.  hopefully, the quality of the recording and my teary voice won’t detract too much from my hubby’s beautiful arrangement and the overall message of hope this song is meant to give.


1 thought on “endless grace”

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    Patricia Mock on November 17, 2014

    Thanks so much for sharing with me…. very beautiful and I especially love the line and perspective of “in lands of light and endless grace!…. wow!

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