don’t eat rocks: an additional thought

so yesterday, i wrote a blog post about faith… about trusting that God only gives us bread, even if it looks, feels, and tastes like a stone.

this morning, God has handed me something (He’s handed our family something)… and my friends, the temptation is strong to declare this a rock and hurl it back towards heaven in a demand for bread.

i can’t go into details, but there are a couple of things i’d like to ask of you and add to my thoughts from yesterday:

1) please pray for my family and for me. pray specifically for grace and that our faith would be strong. pray that through this, we can hold on to the truth that all our Father gives IS BREAD.

2) i’d like to make an addendum to yesterday’s post.  maybe, sometimes, we actually do get stones– not from God directly, but because we are a fallen, broken people living in a fallen, broken place. so, i guess another facet of faith is believing and trusting that we can lift up those stones– that are the result of our sin, a result of brokenness– and hold them up to heaven,

and trust God to take the stone and change it into bread.

and He will.

He promises to.

He is in the kind and loving habit of taking things that are evil and changing them to good.

so still, in the end, it will all be bread.

and this hard, cold, heavy burden that i was given today– that my family was given today– either is bread, or will be bread.

and i will choose to believe it until i see it.


1 thought on “don’t eat rocks: an additional thought”

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    Emily on March 10, 2014

    Praying. Please let me know if I can do anything more.

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