craftiness and Christmas…

some people might call me a scrooge.  my husband does…

every time he tried to play Christmas music before thanksgiving.

yes, i’m one of those people.  i want to be thankful before i get into the whole Christmas spirit.  i don’t care that walmart has had santa hats out since after halloween.

BUT! once thanks is officially given for fall, my winter starts in full swing with Christmas trees, wrapping presents, and thinking about traditions that include hot chocolate, decorations, and charlie brown specials.

this past weekend, we went and got our Christmas tree.  e helped pick it out… :)  growing up, our family always did artificial– but there is something about a real tree.  the smell.  the touch.  picking out something that has its own beauty and imperfections.  the fact that no tree is the same… just like no year is the same.

i like that.



of course, we decorated the tree.  while listening to Christmas music.  while drinking hot beverages and eating microwaved m&ms.  (just a few… no.  seriously.  just a few.)

but today, we (we meaning ellise and me) hit our local craft store for some discount Christmas decorations to see what we could come up with (we meaning me).  i have been wanting something a little more personal than a generic wreath, so i decided to make my own.

i bought a twig wreath, threw on a few decorative flowers, added a “b” for good measure and…

B wreath

B wreath 2

this was the end result!

i’m pretty happy with it.  i mounted it on an old window that’s been in our garage for a couple of years, just to give it a little bit more character than hanging it on our door.  (that way, we don’t have to worry about it getting tossed about every time we leave.)

i like how it gives the impression of Christmas without it screaming santa season to everyone that passes by.

we finished ellise’s day with a Christmas craft or two… it was her first time with paints.  it took both brian and i to keep her from eating it and dying her hair.


although there were some moments where she didn’t quite know what to do with the color, she enjoyed smooshing it and drawing some lines with it.  at a little over a year, you can’t ask for more than that. :)


she definitely took a bath afterwards.  don’t get me wrong… i think a blue streak can be kinda cool with certain hairstyles but ellise only has like, 4 strands of hair– so i’m thinking they should stay her natural color for now. :)




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