back on the wagon: in fuel cycle day 5 (FP day 2)

well, FP day one is under our belts, and we’ve entered in (and are halfway through) day 2.

just some observations:

  • i am definitely hungrier closer to meal/snack times.  don’t really have that problem with S meals.  it’s not that i feel hungry all day… it’s just that with S meals, sometimes i wouldn’t feel like i needed a snack because i wasn’t hungry at all.  now, i feel the need for the snacks in my day.  still not “starving” at all. :)
  • i felt “lighter” this morning.
  • i did feel “poochie” in the middle of the day yesterday… (slightly bloated) wondering if adding some carbs made my body want to retain some water or something?  it’s better today though.

INTERVIEW w/ the HUBS about FUEL PULL day 1

me: so, how was the food today? did you feel like you are on a fuel cycle/diet?

hubs: yeah, i could tell it more today.

me: did you get hungry?

hubs: yeah, i did. more so than the other days.  the snacks helped.

i forgot to ask him what he thought about the breakfast thing i made yesterday (that i didn’t like).  i also meant to ask him what he thought the biggest overall difference were between S and FPs for him… i’ll ask him that tonight and add it to the “interview” tomorrow. :)

i had noticed last night that he was ready to eat as soon as he came home… and that he pretty much inhaled breakfast this morning.  i packed him an extra large salad with his pita for lunch today.

my overall takeaway from that is to make sure you have some fresh veggies and FP dip, etc., that you can eat to “fill-up” any of the meals that you still have the nibbles with after you’ve eaten your food.

speaking of food, here is our menu for today:


breakfast: egg white & veggie breakfast burrito (already ate this: MUCH better than yesterday’s breakfast!)

lunch: greek pork pita, salad with tzatziki sauce (used the leftover pork from last night)

snack: nighty-night custard OR chocolate mint shake (looking at my schedule, i’ll probably go with the shake, since it will take less time to make.  i still want to try the nighty-night custard.  might make that for tomorrow.)

dinner: herbed chicken, roasted veggies

dessert: angel food cake with berries & rhubarb (the rhubarb isn’t necessary; we just picked some from our garden, and i’m going to use it to bulk up the sauce on the angel food cake)

okay, so tomorrow, we are going to have another weigh-in.  i’m not normally this scale-happy, BUT i’m wanting to see how each “phase” of the fuel cycle affects my body.

until tomorrow!

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