back on the wagon: entering day 3

so, we are entering day 3.

and like day 1, day 2 was pretty good; pretty painless.

i know some people have a hard time with S only days, but that’s really not the case for us.  i was feeling the “trickiness” of not being able to use peanut butter (although defatted peanut flour is fine)… but the things that i missed the most had to have been not using cheese and pre-made low-carb breads.  i was wanting to change up dinner (i didn’t end up doing that) and make a hamburger casserole… but that requires using eggs (no problem on deep S days) AND cheese to make the crust/bottom layer.  it really wasn’t that big of a deal, though.  i just stuck with my original plan.

also, lunches are a little more complicated if you want a wrap or a sandwich, since all pre-fab low-carb breads/wraps are out.  i will say, i’ve missed that quick go-to option.  they are allowed back in starting tomorrow, and i will be glad to see them return. :)

so, here’s today’s menu:


breakfast: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, 2 pieces of bacon

lunch: fajita steak and peppers on lettuce 

snack: chocolate peanut butter smoothie (with defatted peanut flour)

dinner: spicy thai chicken salad

dessert: cake-in-a-mug (haven’t decided if i’m doing chocolate, lemon, or spice.  i’ll ask the hubs. :) )

and here is brian’s perspective on the past day or two. :)


me: so, how was the food today.

hubs: really good.  i really like the dinner.

(the man loves beef.)

me: did you get hungry today?

hubs: yeah, some after lunch.

me: did you eat the snack after lunch?

hubs: no. i forgot i had it.

me: <<sigh>>

(i can’t feel badly about the man being hungry if he forgets his snack.)

—fast forward to this morning at breakfast–

me: this is the last day of S.

hubs: yep.

me: so enjoy those eggs and bacon.

hubs: no eggs?

me: well, no whole eggs.  we can have egg whites.

hubs: oh.  so what are we going to eat?

me: that’s what i’m figuring out today…

well… until tomorrow!

OH, btw,we’ve decided to do an unofficial weigh-in tomorrow, just to see where the 3 deep S days have gotten us.  <<fingers crossed!>> :)

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