back on the wagon: entering day 2

i’ll be honest.

i expected this.

yesterday was easy-peasy.  like, when i asked brian what he thought about the day’s food, his response was,

“um, it’s not really that different.”

i expected this from the deep S days in the fuel cycle, simply because when brian and i “free-style” THM, we default to primarily Ss and slip in some Es (typically 3-5 a week).  (to remind yourself of the THM jargon and yesterday’s menu, click here.)  the only thing that i have to be mindful of are the few things that are normally fine for free-style S that aren’t for fuel cycle S… namely, cheese and nuts.


first, let me give you today’s menu:

Deep S Day 2

Breakfast: 2 eggs, fried in coconut oil. 2 pieces of bacon.

Lunch: grilled chicken, green beans

Dinner: Burger (patties) with grilled onions and gravy, broccolli, cucumber salad.

Dessert: skinny chocolate

as you can see, there are a couple of repeats… but we do that anyway, especially with breakfasts and dessert.

so, as promised… i asked my husband some questions about how he was handling this fuel cycle.

(like i mentioned before, the hubs didn’t really notice the food difference, so i’ll move on from there.)

me: so, did you get hungry? was the salad with grilled chicken enough?

hubs: yeah. i got hungry towards dinner, though.  i was ready to eat.

me: did you eat the snack with your lunch or in the afternoon.

hubs: with the lunch.

(today he is going eat the snack in the afternoon instead of with the lunch to keep to the “don’t go longer than 3 hours without eating” guideline.  also, he did mention that he was a little hungry when we went to bed.  i’m thinking that for him, we might need to eat the dessert a little later in the evening instead of right after the meal.)

me: do you like the skinny chocolate?

hubs: yeah. it’s tastes good.

me: do you think it has a gritty taste?

hubs: no, not really.

(i think it does have a little bit of a gritty taste, due to the fact that i put some protein powder in there.  it doesn’t bother him, and normally texture does.)

me: so, what are you nervous about with this fuel cycle thing?

hubs: the E days… 


(the FP days are first… THOSE are the ones i’m most worried about right now. 😉 )

until tomorrow! :)

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