and that’s the takeaway?

So back in November, we went to the movies and took our kiddos to see Moana.

(When I say “my kids,” I really mean my daughter.  My one year old just whined, not watched through the whole thing… anyhoo. 😉 )

She loved the movie, especially the part where (spoiler***) the “monster gets her heart back and turns kind again.”

How emotionally mature for a 4 year old, right?

Meanwhile, she insists on listening to the soundtrack and singing all the songs, and just loves it.

She keeps asking to watch the movie on our tv, which isn’t possible, since it isn’t out on DVD yet.

So, to appease her, I’ll find a youtube channel that has the trailers and snippets on it.

It wasn’t until a few days later, I hear her muttering something to herself and giggling.

“Blow dart enmeeboocheets!” <<snicker!>>

I squint as she repeats it, because somehow squinting makes you hear better, right?

“Blow dart enmeeboocheets!” <<giggle>>

“Honey, what are you saying?”

“Blow dart enmeeboocheets!”

“What does that mean?”

“You know, Momma.  In Moana.  They shoot this arrow and then Maui falls down and says, ‘Blow dart enmeeboocheets!’ And it is SO. FUNNY!” <<laughlaughlaugh>>

Oh sure.

That’s the ONE LINE she’s got down pat.

Blow dart in my butt cheek.


Let’s repeat that one at church, shall we?



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