all my heart… (video)

like i mentioned in a previous post, things have been a little busy over here recently.

besides the normal hubbub of december, my husband and i were given a whirlwind weekend in indianapolis.  brian had submitted a musical competition of his– all my heart this night rejoices– and it was chosen as a winner of a carol competition.  (all my heart is an older carol, but brian created a new melody, arrangement, etc. of the piece.)

brian, of course, had an amazing time– and as his wife, it was so great to see him feel proud of his work and the recognition that comes/came with it.  if you know my husband personally, you would know that he is a very humble man: he doesn’t boast on himself and like most people with an artistic gift and bent, he often struggles with doubt– wondering if he is doing/being/creating enough (um… he is!).

him winning this award and having this experience only echoes what so many see and what i tell him all the time– he is so, so gifted.

and i am so, so proud.

with no further adieu, all my heart this night rejoices…


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