My name is Stephanielynn.  I would tell you my last name, but you’d pronounce wrong in your head unless you are from  Austria, Germany, or Budapest. 😉

First of all, Redeeming Love is the theme of my life.  When i cried out, He heard me. proving His grace, He answered me and tells me to seek His face. My greatest longing is that I do. And that I always will.

Second, I believe that nothing is ever truly random.  Sure, my thoughts may seem that way.  Sure, my life may seem that way.  But my thoughts are always triggered and led by something.  And my life, and circumstances in it, are always triggered and led by Someone–my Jesus.

I am just barely 30something. I am married to a wonderful man.  I am a mother to a child in Heaven, a spunky girl who is dying to turn 5, and a squirmy, still squishy, but-not-quite-a-baby-anymore boy.

I love reading, writing, arts&crafting– all when I have the time, which typically means I’m ignoring a clean pile of clothes or a dirty toilet somewhere.

Right now, I’m processing a children’s book, my need and implementation of minimalism, and creative ways to educate others in both communication and natural health and wellness.

Random, right?

3 thoughts on “about”

  • 1
    ashley on December 19, 2006

    hi stephanie!

    i finally came to your blog!!

  • 2
    Sheri on April 23, 2012

    Stumbled upon your blog tonight when I googled a quote. Love your writing. Love your reflections on your Redeemer.

  • 3
    Laura Neal on September 8, 2014

    Hey, Stephanie, Remember me? Found some stuff from you from long ago, and googled you. Check out FBCHarvard.com and let me know if I got the right Stephanie.

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