a START update

if you were around when i initially blogged about the START experiment, this is the follow-up post.  (you can read more about it here, if you missed the original.)

when the experiment started, i decided to have a 4 prong approach:

  • write a story that’s been in my head for a long time
  • write on my blog at least 12 times in the experiment time frame
  • exercise every day
  • complete a “creative” project

my writing goal: well, i started. :)  i didn’t finish it, but i started… and that is actually a milestone.  i technically started twice.  i started the story to one age-group of an audience… and then changed my mind.  so, i started the story again for a younger one.  that’s the one i’m concentrating on now.  maybe i’ll go back and finish the other version for the older audience later, but right now, i’m liking where its heading with the younger group in mind.  oddly enough, another idea for a children’s picture book popped in my head last sunday, and i completed that that evening.  go figure. :/

my blogging goal: i accomplished it!  i had a good pattern going for a few weeks… and once i accomplished the goal, i had to do other things, like lesson planning for my “real” job.  if you have read this blog for any length of time, you know i disappear when i hit a heavy “teaching” season or a really heavy “thinking” season.  you can thank the “teaching” season for this very minor dry patch in the blogging department.

exercising goal: <<SOB>> i started so well… but, unfortunately, i didn’t complete this goal.  my thing is, i REALLY just need to 1) find an exercise that i really, really, really love or 2) get over the fact that i really don’t like exercise and just suck it up and do it anyway.  i keep hearing about people that don’t like exercise and then they do it, and then they like it and can’t imagine themselves never exercising again.

i would love to be one of those people…

i have a game plan for a new type of exercise that i’m going to try soon, and i just hope i’ll have a better track record than 9 days in a row with that one.

creativity goal: accomplished that one pretty quickly.  and since then, i’ve done a few more creative projects.  i’ve made a “test” onesie for a project that i’ll be doing for ellise soon.  i’ve made a tutu for her 1st birthday in november… and i’ve made a crocheted old lady wig for her for halloween. :)  i’ll be posting pics of those projects soon, so stayed tune. :)

so, all in all, i do consider my START experiment a success.  3 out of 4 is definitely the majority of what i was hoping to accomplish, and it feels good to have some things scratched off of the list.

my husband joined me in the experiment, and he was really successful with his goals as well… so we are considering having a new habit of STARTing something every month and acting as each other’s personal cheerleaders/accountability.  it’s nice to stretch, and it’s nice to stretch with someone beside you.  :)

well, off to put the munchkin to bed.  it’s rainy out, and i can’t think of a better way to end this saturday than on the couch with a fall beverage, lighting a candle, and welcoming the quiet right before bed.

actually, i think i’ll skip lighting a candle.  i’ve got some homemade apple butter reducing itself down in the crockpot in the kitchen, and it’s making our entire house smell amazing.

i love fall… :)

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