21day sugar detox: the FINAL tally

26. January 2016 food&health 0

alright friends!  after 21 days of being sugar, grain, sweetener, no-additives, etc., free, we have the final results!

me: 2 lbs released
hubs: 2 lbs released

me: 9 lbs released
hubs: 12 lbs released

overall, we feel really great and today, when i had simple mixed fruit (some berries, apple chunks, and tangerine slices) for a part of my lunch for the first time most of a month, i definitely felt like i was eating dessert– EXACTLY what i wanted!

although the weightloss is great, and i’m going to continue to do that, i feel that the detox helped align my tastebuds to taste the natural sweetness in food.  i HIGHLY recommend that!  enjoying food in it’s NATURAL state is the best for your body, and it is great that your body can relearn to love it!

now, i’m heading back to THM with increased vigor to be faithful to its’ principles and with appreciation of the foods that i can eat and be healthy with!

thanks so much for following along my 21 day journey!

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