21day sugar detox: days 17-18

23. January 2016 food&health 0

hello again!  we are in the homestretch!

(sorry for no photo again… still being glitchie.  boo…)

as much as i miss the sweet treats that the freedom of THM allows, i will admit that as i am getting closer to the end of the 3 weeks, it is becoming much easier, which is exactly what i was hoping for.  so even though the weightloss is slowing, i’m still accomplishing my goal!

let’s jump into the days!

day 17
breakfast:  sunny side up egg on a bed of spinach with avocado and salsa verde. sausage.

lunch: chicken spinach sausage. veggies.

dinner: ham veggie quiche. (ham, onions, peppers, spinach, cheese.)

snacks: carrots and nut butter

dessert: banana avochoco ice cream.

drinks: water. tea. la croix water.

day 18
breakfast: sunny side up egg on a bed of spinach with avocado and cilantro avocado cream. sausage.

lunch: chicken spinach sausage. veggies.

dinner: italian sausage with cabbage.

snacks: nuts. cheese.

dessert: fried coconut-crusted green bananas with coconut cream

drinks: water. tea. la croix water.

how i liked what i ate
okay, so i’m really loving the egg/spinach/avocado thing for breakfast.  it’s like a power meal!

i’m in a lunch rut, but i like the chicken sausage!

the quiche was good… the cabbage on friday night was bland, and i couldn’t get it to taste the way i wanted.  don’t know why. eh.

i did experiment with an “ice cream” of sorts with the banana avocado chocolate base.  i liked it okay, but will admit to liking the smoothies i’ve been doing better.

the fried coconut green bananas were super good!  take an unripe banana, cut it into bite-sized chunks (you don’t have to do that, but i did), roll it around in unsweetened coconut flakes and then place in a pan of ready melted coconut oil on medium high heat.  it will brown quickly, so watch and flip when needed.  set on a paper towel before serving.  once they are transferred to the “serving” plate, top with coconut milk that has been refrigerated.  it will be very creamy in consistency.  eat them before the coconut milk liquifies.

this wasn’t a problem for us.

my 3 year old really liked them, and even called them “banana flake cookies.” 😉

how i felt
the hubs and i are still feeling pretty good.  whatever was in my system a few days ago that was causing a bloated feeling has gone away, so that’s good. :)

alright, that’s it for now!  see you in a couple of days!

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