21day sugar detox: days 15-16

21. January 2016 food&health 0

let me go ahead and apologize for the lack of picture.  for some reason, my picture/graphic isn’t loading properly today, and i don’t have all night to figure out why.  so, here’s hoping it’s a fluke.   if you REALLY want to see the pictures, find me on instagram and follow me there… 😉  (seeminglyslcb)

okay, so it is update time… but first, let’s get to the preliminaries!

what i ate
day 15

breakfast: egg, sunny side up on a bed of spinach, topped with tomato and avocado

lunch: chicken sausage, veggies, carrots and peanut butter

dinner: hamburger with lettuce buns. zucchini fritters with avocado cream sauce

snacks: nuts and cheese, smoothie

drinks: water, tea

day 16
breakfast: eggs and bacon.

lunch: chicken sausage, veggies, carrots & peanut butter.

dinner: pizza, with the same crust recipe that i mentioned a few days ago.  observation: the recipe tastes better as a thin crust.  if it is “regular” crust thickness, it tastes a bit too… heavy.

snacks: celery with almond butter

drinks: water, tea, la croix water

how i liked what i ate
it’s pretty clear that i’m in a routine for lunch, and sometimes breakfast.  i definitely don’t mind this, because i feel like i can change it at any time if i wanted to.  however, simple variations can really make a meal pop.  i LOVE the sunny side egg on spinach, with tomato and avocado!  just a few changes and it feels like a completely different meal.  i’ve used a lot of avocado recently, and am glad that aldi has them on sale! :)

how i felt
feeling good!  good energy and sleeping really well, as long as the baby lets me sleep. :)

okay, so it isn’t as mind-blowing as last week, but we still have loss!

me: 1lb released
the hubs: 2lbs released

so, it 2 weeks, that is 20lbs total between me and my husband.  so yay!


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