21day sugar detox: days 13-14

19. January 2016 food&health, photos 0

okay, 2 weeks are officially DOWN!  we are getting into the swing of things– or so i think.  (see caveat below…)

it’s crazy to see how much our diet has been overhauled and how in such a short amount of time, your tastebuds can switch.  i’m currently drinking coffee with cream and no sugar, and can actually taste some of the “sweetness” to it naturally.  i’ve always wondered how people could taste under-notes of chocolate or grape or whatever… and now i know.

they don’t taste sugar. 😉

anyway, here are days 13 and 14!

21dsd days 13-14day 13
breakfast: um… didn’t actually have it.  sunday mornings are crazy and basically resulted in nuts.  literally.

lunch: awesome pizza! (more on that later!)

dinner: egg roll in a bowl with added fish sauce and cilantro

snacks: banana nut avocado chocolate smoothie

drinks: water, tea.

day 14
breakfast: spinach mozzarella egg scramble. sausage.

lunch: chicken spinach sausage. cream of mushroom soup (from 21 Sugar Detox book)

dinner: grilled chicken and salad

snacks: carrots and celery with nut butter

how i liked what i ate
the pizza was AMAZING because we found a crust that was awesome!  
like i mentioned in another post in this detox where we tried to make pizza, you can’t expect it to taste exactly like what you had before… but even my husband said, “this tastes like pizza!”  granted, it tastes more like frozen pizza crust instead of that super doughy fresh pizza crust, but that’s okay!  heading in the right direction! 😉

hubs said that he wanted the pizza regularly.  like, once a week or so. :)

another “repeat!” request from him was the egg roll in bowl, that i hyperlinked above.  i did add a little fish sauce and sesame oil and cilantro… it definitely helps the asian food cravings!

how i felt/feel

feeling pretty good, but am wondering if there was something, somewhere that had hidden something in it, because i feel a tad bloated… something that i haven’t felt at all in the past two weeks.  i did use a couple of ingredients while at my parents’ house that i would have replaced with a more natural option at my own, which makes me wonder if there was hidden gluten or something.  eh.  i’m sure once i “tighten” the ingredients again when i have control over them, it will straighten itself out.

that’s one thing i’ve really appreciated about the detox.  it’s making me pretty in tune when something is “off,” which i don’t think i really would have noticed that much before.  i’ve been told to “listen to my body” on lot of things and can in regards to pain… but never really have in regards to food until i started cleaning it up.

alright, so tomorrow’s update day!  <<crossing fingers!>> let’s see what has happened! :)


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