21day sugar detox: days 11-12

17. January 2016 food&health, photos 0

okay, so i’m having to combine a couple more days together.  busy times over here, people!  but i DO want to make sure that i note what i’m eating and how i’m feeling! :)

so, with that, here’s days 11 and 12!

21dsd days 11-12day 11

breakfast: another delicious spinach, mozzerella, italian eggs scramble. sausage.

lunch: packed lunch (see pic). two organic sausages, veggies, peanut butter, cheese.  slice of grapefruit.

dinner: pork chops with salad with feta, greek dressing.

snacks: i actually ate off of the packed lunch for snacks as well.

drinks: water, tea, la criox drink.

day 12
breakfast: hubs made me eggs and bacon!  we typically only do bacon on saturdays… i love it, but it takes too long most mornings.

lunch: lettuce-wrapped burger at Red Robin.  note: make sure you don’t slather your burger with bbq sauce, ketchup, or other sauces that will have added sugar.  i like classic yellow mustard, so i added that to mine.  oh, and i got the “endless salad” option instead of the endless fries.  um, yeah.  those aren’t on the detox. 😉

dinner: (i wish i had remembered to take a picture of this!) chicken tacos.  i made coconut flour tortillas– as little thick, but good– and topped them with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, purple onion, cilantro, and a squirt of lime over the top.  MAN!  they were good!  didn’t miss the cheese, sour cream, or salsa, actually!

snacks: didn’t really snack much today.  was on the go a lot and didn’t pack anything.  DID make a banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie as dessert, though.  i modified the recipe and actually liked it better.  i’m going to tweak it some more and then write the recipe out here.

drinks: same as before, plus a glass of water with greens in them.

how i liked it
i’m definitely seeing a shift in my tastebuds… i’m finding simpler things to have much more flavor than i have before.  for instance, i’ve never really liked raw carrots that much.  kinda bland before.  now?  they definitely taste “sweet” to me… to the point that dipping them in nut butter almost is satisfying a sweet craving.  not quite… but almost.  😉

how i feel
the hubs and i feel great!  the hubs is able to make it to the Y a few times a week, and is noticing that he feels like he has more stamina.  i’m hoping to incorporate more exercise into my routine as well, but it’s harder to squeeze in around a nursing baby and watching my mom.  that’s a goal for this week, though! :)

alright, until tomorrow!

(as a bit of a preview, today i tried a new pizza crust, and even the hubs said, “this actually tastes like pizza!” sooooo… i’ll be linking that tomorrow! :) )

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