21day sugar detox: day nine & ten

15. January 2016 food&health, photos 0

okay, so i made a mistake here, but here we go…

day 9 was actually a pretty full day of teaching and eating on the go, so i was negligent to take pictures until it dawned on me until just now when i realized that my days were off.  SO, the picture of day nine is actually the food for day 10.  <<sigh>>

instead of going through the whole shpeel for day 9, i’ll just type out what i ate, and move on to day ten (even though it says day 9), and go back to our regularly-scheduled detox program. :)

DAY 9: eggs and sausage for breakfast, a packed lunch of approved food/snacks (nuts, cheese, 1/2 a banana, nut butter, lunchmeat), and dinner at chick-fil-a with a friend: grilled nuggets, side salad.  “snack” was coffee with cream and real vanilla extract. drinks were the regular: water, tea, and one la croix water. :)

DAY 10

what i ate21dsd, dat 9
reakfast: italian spinach egg scramble. sausage. small slice of grapefruit.

lunch: zoodle “pasta” salad

dinner: spaghetti and meatballs. zucchini noodles. almond pan bread.

how i liked what i ate
okay, so i know i’ve been doing eggs an awful lot, but these were a variation that is DEFINITELY worth a redo! eggs, mozarella, spinach, scrambled in garlic and butter.  YUM!  i’ll definitely be making these again, since they taste like something you’d get at a bed and breakfast!  i also included a sliver of grapefruit, since that is approved.  here’s an interesting thing: i have always hated grapefruit. the only reason why i bought it was because the hubs likes them.  i decided to go ahead and try it. i liked it!  for the first time, the grapefruit tasted SWEET… not bitter.  it was weird!  a nice surprise, but weird! it could have been that it was a particularly sweet grapefruit… but i’d like to think that it is because my tastebuds are resetting.

lunch was good! i got the idea for zoodle salad from a blurb on facebook.  it’s nice because you can throw whatever you want in there to make it, as long as it is plan approved.  i used feta, avocado, oil & vinegar, chicken, and tomatoes on top of zucchini noodles and tossed.  i let it sit for a few minutes, enough for the zucchini to soften a little.  it was really good!

the spaghetti was nice, since i was in the mood for italian.  of course, instead of pasta, i used zucchini noodles, sauteed in butter and garlic before putting the sauce on.  the “bread” that you see is actually a new pan almond flatbread that i tried.  it’s super easy and versatile.  2 parts almond flour to 1 part egg whites and almond milk, plus whatever seasonings, and the make it kinda like a pancake.  i used onion powder and italian seasoning for a savory bread, but of course, it can be unaltered for a “neutral” bread, or add some fruit or stevia (once the detox is over) to make it sweet for a desert or something.  it was nice to have something to dip in the spaghetti sauce, since garlic bread is obviously out of the question. 😉

how i felt
i felt really good.  it’s becoming easier to think of meals and enjoy them without feeling deprived, so that’s nice.  i’m still wanting to branch out and do some different recipes of “desserts” so the hubs and i can have a little treat to unwind with over our coffee.  i will say i have missed that little time once the kids go to bed.


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