21day sugar detox: day eight

13. January 2016 food&health, photos 0

ta-tummm!  a whole week down!  let’s go through the day before we get down to our week 1 update!

21dsd day 8what i ate
breakfast: eggs with cheese. sausage. tomatoes.

lunch (at chick-fil-a): grilled chicken nuggets with a side salad.

dinner: meatballs. mushroom gravy. cauliflower.

snacks: nuts. cheese. coconut apple coconut balls.

drink: water. tea. a la croix water.

how i liked what i ate
okay, so i’m getting in a breakfast rut.  i’ll agree to that. 😉

as far as lunch goes, it was delicious… although i’m not positive it was completely within guidelines.  i’m not 100% sure what they use with the grilled chicken nuggets, and i didn’t check the ingredient list in the avocado ranch salad dressing, but i chose that one because i knew it would be the least likely to have sugar in it.

the meatballs, made-from-scratch-gravy-because-cream-mushroom-anything isn’t in the detox guildelines, and the cauliflower.  it was pretty tasty, although i’ll be honest; potatoes are better. 😉

for the snacks, i tried a recipe i saw on facebook using shredded apple, carrots, nut butter, and some other ingredients to make little balls that are dipped into coconut butter.  they were okay.  i personally didn’t think they were good enough to link the recipe OR to go through the trouble to make again.  HOWEVER, they did give me a great idea about how to make some balls with a different combination that i would like to try.

how i felt
felt pretty good.  i’m thinking i’ve finally starting to re-coop some of that lost energy, which is nice. 😉  hubs is feeling good, as well. 😉

alright, so here we go!  the hubs and i stepped on the scale… and here are the results after 1 week on the 21day sugar detox!

me: 6 pounds released!
the hubs: 11 — ELEVEN– pounds gone! :)

sheesh, huh?!

i’d call that successful! :)

i do believe week 2 will be easier with this encouragement… and also having a better idea of what to do!

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